Why email is valuable to your business

Less people are sending letters these days; the cost of a stamp or perhaps the time it can take for the recipient to receive it are the two main reasons why most people avoid sending letters. We live in a society where people want and expect instant results. Email marketing is a popular marketing tool and is valuable to your business.

More emails are being sent instead, both by the consumer and by thousands (millions even) of businesses world-wide whihc is why email marketing has become so valuable to your business. Continue reading


The Online Opportunity: Digital Marketing for your Business

Ask yourself a question.

How often do you go online for each day? At home, at work and/or when you’re out and about on your mobile?

People use the internet for a wide variety of reasons these days. Online banking, shopping, social media and for entertainment following the rapid growth of online video (Netflix, YouTube). These are all examples of ‘what we do’ online.
So, what is the opportunity for your business?

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