The Online Opportunity: Digital Marketing for your Business

Ask yourself a question.

How often do you go online for each day? At home, at work and/or when you’re out and about on your mobile?

People use the internet for a wide variety of reasons these days. Online banking, shopping, social media and for entertainment following the rapid growth of online video (Netflix, YouTube). These are all examples of ‘what we do’ online.
So, what is the opportunity for your business?

“Ignoring online marketing is like opening a business but not telling anyone.”

The Online Opportunity

It’s estimated that two thirds of people now own a smartphone, and that they use it for two hours every day to browse the internet.

That’s an incredible 60+ hours per month that people like you and I – and your customers are available online. 60 hours a month that you could grab a moment or two to engage with them, tell your story, share your brand and much more.

Now ask yourself another quick question; how else do you access the internet? Do you switch your computer/laptop on, get your tablet/iPad, or do you stick to getting your phone from your pocket?

Truth is, most of us have all three these days. We live in a world where being online plays a big part.

Your business needs to join in

You need to be seen and be heard within this online community.

Your business needs to market itself online and do all it can to take advantage of the online opportunity.

To find out more about digital marketing or to discuss what you could be doing to reach more customers online, please get in touch.

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